DESIRE DESIGN is located in Shenzhen, China-home of worldwide branded E-cig manufacturers. DESIRE DESIGN has obtained strong support from an innovative group consisting of experienced and enthusiastic vapers since its establishment in 2011.


DESIRE DESIGN from the desire for good things.We love e-cigarettes and turn our passion into a unique DESIGN for our products.


Unremitting efforts and persistence, let us continue to progress, in the industry is widely recognized and supported by Vaper.Our products are exported to five continents, covering more than 50 countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, Russia, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.


Company to "quality" as the life ,comprehensive adhere to industry standards and specifications, from development to production are carried out strict quality control, each product are carried out in accordance with the USA FDA and EU TPD standards strict inspection and testing.


We are attach great importance to product safety and health.And committed to creating a clean workshop to ensure product safety and consumer health.


DESIRE DESIGN  to research and development for superior vaping devices. We aim at the demand of consumer, and value products as core competence and resolutely put an end to all clone products. Our ultimate goal is providing the best service to all customers and trying every effort to the development of E-cigarette industry.


Our product design comes from the desire for e-cigarettes, and the DESIRE DESIGN will create a culture of e-cigarette industry.


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